Papa’s Hot Doggeria is a fun, food service game developed by Flipline Studios. In this game you work for Papa, who is the owner of a hot dog stand inside of a baseball stadium. Your character takes the job in order to ensure a free season baseball pass because all of the tickets are sold out. Now you must take on the challenge of serving hungry fans on game day.

The primary goal of the game is to serve every customer the correct order as quickly as possible and with great quality. After every successfully filled order the customer will grade your service and you will be tipped accordingly. The value of this game is highly raised with the customization ability that you have. At the very beginning of the game you are given the ability to choose from one of two workers or you can fully create your own. This becomes even more fun because as you play your way through the game you can unlock new clothing items that you can add to your character. You can also unlock items that can be placed in the lobby so the customization possibilities will add hours of great gameplay in your attempt to unlock all of the items.

The last game mode, and definitely the favorite for some, is the mini game mode. After every level you finish you will be given the option to play a mini game three times for extra points and other sweet surprises. There are a variety of different mini games that you will get the chance to play and each one is unique. This adds loads of fun to the game and makes it very different. You also have the option to skip a mini game if you happen to run into one that you don’t like.


The only control that is required for Papa’s Hot Doggeria is the mouse. Very easy and with no learning curve, the game will be fun from the very start.

Tips And Tricks

The most important skill you must have in order to be successful in Hot Doggeria is speed with the mouse and great timing as serving the customers and playing through the variety of mini games all require this in order for you to win. Also remember to never skip any of the mini games. Play each one the three times that they allow you to. This is how you will be unlocking the customizable items so you want to collect as many as you can as you play the game.

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